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Comfort Air - Efficient DC Powered Air Conditioning 

Cabinet Type
The Cabinet type consists of the compressor motor and condensers all encased into a single unit. 

In a typical installation for a Cabinet type model,  the Comfort Air cabinet compressor unit is fitted to the chassis rail or behind the cab subject to availability of space.  An extra set of deep cycle batteries are required.  The extra battery bank is fitted close by. 
An evaporator is positioned in an unobtrusive area in the cab.  Refrigerant hoses run from the compressor unit through the cab and to the evaporator unit.  Vents are placed in appropriate positions and air is ducted to the vents from the evaporator.   Power connections are made between the battery bank and the compressor unit, and an appropriate charging circuit is run. The Comfort Air climate control panel is positioned  with fingertip control and is wired into the circuit.  The system is then charged with ozone friendly R134a refrigerant, the installation is completed and the Comfort Air -  Air Conditioning system is ready to be used.