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EPD Pty Ltd after extensive research and development are now able to offer  24 & 48V Domestic Airconditioning systems powered by batteries and Solar Power. Contact us if you have any questions or would like a quote!


DC Powered Air Conditioning

Solar Powered - Deep Cycle Battery System.

Solar Air brochure

Our company EPD Pty Ltd, has been working on and developing for many years, a DC powered air conditioning system for on-Highway, off-Highway, Marine, Domestic and Commercial Applications.

EPD have been interested in developing more environmentally friendly power system as a supplement to our traditional technology.

If you need air conditioning, but are far from the grid, then you need to generate your own electricity. Frequently, this means using diesel generators to produce the required power.

EPD have therefore undertaken the necessary R & D to develop a low-voltage, highly efficient DC air-conditioning reverse cycle system using solar panels.

The advantages of using solar panels to generate your electricity, coupled with our DC powered air conditioning units, are as follows:

1.    No need to connect to the grid

2.    Reduced need to freight in and store costly fuel, leading to significant fuel cost savings.

3.    Solar panels generate DC power, and since our air conditioning system is DC powered, this means that you do not need an inverter, so you have no inverter power loss. Hence these units are extremely efficient.

4.    Safety- low voltage means increased safety and less risk of shocks

The size and cost of such an installation depends on many factors including

 1.   The number and size of rooms required to be air-conditioned,

2.   The normal range of hours of sunlight

The efficiency of our system has recently been greatly enhanced by the use for power storage of the latest advanced high performance deep-cycle batteries, which have just reached the market.

These Lithium Polymer batteries have significant cycle life increase, over lead acid batteries and have much higher energy density and lower loss of charge.

In order to provide fail-safe back-up, we can also supply a small high efficiency diesel DC power generator, which is more than capable of recharging the batteries, should there be a long period of low sunlight hours.

We are happy to assess your situation and recommend a system to fit your needs, at no obligation to you.