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The DC Concept

The Ecogen Genset was designed to be integrated into a DC concept for vessels, allowing integration of the DC Seabreeze Marine Air Conditioning system.

In the DC concept the batteries become the fuel source for the DC components and the Ecogen Genset becomes the on demand, diesel powered, battery charger.As the power is withdrawn from the batteries, the Ecogen senses the voltage and at a preset level engages the Genset. Once the batteries are recharged, the Ecogen then turns itself off.This minimises run time of the Genset, and also allows maximisation of engine rpm on the Genset.

DC components on the vessel can also be run from shore power by use of appropriately sized Battery chargers.

By incorporating as much DC components as possible on the vessel this reduces the danger of AC power.

 Ecogen Genset specifications:

12/24/48V Marine Generator

  • 12V - 240amps
  • 24V - 130amps
  • 48V - 65amps
  • Weight - 120kgs

 Dimensions with sound shield: L849mm x W536mm x H566mm

The DC Generator system is designed and optimised to deliver high currents at low voltages required for battery charging and operating DC loads.

No battery chargers or power supplies are required.

DC generators do not require a transfer switch. Transfer switches lower system reliability.

In prime power applications the DC generator lower the overall cost of the system.

DC generators are more fuel efficient.


  • Volvo D1-13 reliability
  • Quiet running
  • Auto Stop/Start on demand
  • High output Alternator
  • Simplistic design
  • Low voltage – safe operation

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